Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Quality certified

We have always been passionately committed to the care that goes into our products and commercial processes, meeting the highest standards of quality when it comes to food safety and earning the most prestigious international certifications in the industry (ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, etc.).


We have voluntarily adopted the strictest physicochemical standards for our Extra Virgin oils – stricter than those required by law – to guarantee the freshness of our products throughout their entire life cycle.

100% Extra Virgin

In Italy, oils produced from a combination of Extra Virgin and Virgin olive oils may be classified as Extra Virgin if the final product meets the standards defined by law. We guarantee consumers that our products are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from a selection of the best oils.

Bottle Colour

Olive oil is a living product and as such it is sensitive to temperature and light. Exposing it to light and heat may alter its natural properties and trigger a process of accelerated oxidation.

In order to protect the product’s quality during its whole life cycle, we are introducing dark bottles for all our Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the sole exception of Unfiltered, so that consumers can see the natural colour that results from a fresh pressing.

Transparency Starting with the Label

Our label is about us, our origins and our ways of doing things.Making the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils requires a thorough production process. In order to select the raw materials that will star in our blenders, we analyze more than 12,000 olive oil samples to find just 3,000 samples of outstanding quality.

The selection of samples is very important to us and it’s the step that makes the difference. We get our samples from all the oil presses, analyze the quality and sensory properties, and we test them with consumers. When the sensory profile is defined, we select the raw materials that together will create the best olive oil.

Cold Extraction

The indication “cold extraction” may appear only for Extra Virgin or Virgin olive oils obtained at a temperature lower than 27 ° C by percolation or centrifugation of the olive paste. The mills with which we work have control systems / temperature monitoring in all phases of the process from the reception of olives, the process of beating and the centrifugation of the oil until the temperature of the oil does not exceed the 27ºC indicated by the legislation for can label as cold extracted. The mills must adjust all the conditions of their process to ensure that the oil does not exceed this temperature.

NON-GMO Olives

Our extra virgin olive oils consist of only one ingredient. Naturally, we want it to be the finest ingredient – pure and simple. While all olives are a Non-GMO food, Carapelli is proud to be partnered with the Non-GMO Project to ensure that all of our products contain absolutely no genetically modified organisms.

Organic Certifications

Select Carapelli blends are certified organic, following the strict production and labeling requirements as regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The use of the organic logo is only permitted on products that have an organic content that is greater than or equal to 95% and have been certified according to the requirements of the Canada Organic Regime.