Mastery speaking: Welcome.

These first lines are the start of a love story. Of an unforgettable trip full of passion and heritage. You are here because I have plenty to show you. Because you want to learn. Mastery, heritage, nature, enjoyment. I insist, I have so much to tell you…

Thanks to the calmness of my look and the peace that the hills of the Tuscan region bathed by the sunset light confer me, I am capable of envisaging that accelerated world in which you live in. You know well that, each time more, we arrive late everywhere. The clock no longer works in our favor. It’s now some kind of rival. However, it can be beaten.

Dear reader, I want you to gift yourself one second. Only one second to take air in. Breathe in deeply. Now, breathe out slowly. Perfect. Now you are relaxed, your time of enjoyment has arrived. That premium moment which you deserve so much and in which I am going to accompany you.

Now give me your full attention. Maybe you’re asking yourself what you’re doing here. You’re here because you yearn to learn about the mastery that exists behind a good extra virgin olive oil, behind a perfect flavour. One of those scents that you will remember forever.

You’re here because you want to learn more about the Tuscan tradition and its art, it’s Italian origin, the respect for the product and the environment. Because you want to make the most of your life with a love like the one Costantino and Cesira felt when 125 years ago they started to create the masterpiece which Carapelli Firenze is today.

It’s thanks to them that, from this moment onwards, I can transmit their great wisdom to you. From this moment onwards, our love story and our unforgettable trip full of passion and heritage are kicking off. Welcome to Carapelli’s blog.