Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% Italian

Carapelli’s finest oil is extracted through the careful selection of quality olives, providing a balanced symphony of flavor.

Quality Is an Art

Tuscany offers some of the best sensations in the world. The sun, the land, the aromas and the flavors have a unique Italian flair. When you try Carapelli 100% ITALIAN, the wind stops blowing, the sun comes to a standstill and life seems to slow down. A perfect blend that guarantees a warm flavor with a fresh finish.

Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

Mediterranean cuisine’s most treasured ingredient has been a star throughout history. At Carapelli we’ve turned this natural method of production into an art.

To create the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we observe, touch and taste. We get to know our olive groves intimately, we harvest at the peak of ripeness and we work with both oliari and blending masters who select the precise samples that will ensure Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends of impeccable quality.

Tasting Notes

100% Italian

Balanced Flavor. This oil is characterized by fresh olives. The flavor is very pleasant, with clear notes of green almond and leaves combined with a touch of artichoke. On the palate, it offers a spicy touch and balanced bitterness with a fruity essence.





Signature Bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a living product, so care is taken at every step from selecting the best raw materials to bottling the oil. Art gives form to the entire process. The elegant Carapelli bottle flows from the genius of an italian artist to bring together history, passion, finesse and pure substance.


Dark glass protects the oil from UV radiation, guaranteeing the best possible preservation of its color, flavor and aroma.


The infinite spirals molded into the glass, besides lending an air of elegance, are designed to make the bottle easier to hold.


Innovation extends to the spout as well. It is designed to dispense only the necessary amount of oil.

Nutritional Table

  • Average nutritional values for: 100 ml *
  • Energy value: 3378 kJ / 822 kcal
  • Fat: 91g
  • of which: saturated: 13g
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • of which: sugar: 0g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Sale: 0g

* Calculated through the analysis of different production batches

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